Barbara Rehbehn is a multi-disciplinary digital artist based in Germany. With a background in textile art and printmaking, Barbara combines historical photography with digital painting and code visualization. Intense treatment for OCD limited her interactions to those in digital space. This, in turn, brought her back to her former education in linguistics and computer science, as she put her art on the blockchain and started integrating generative elements.

group exhibitions


“Door to Door”, curated by Beth Hulme of Art Aviso (Link), LITE-HAUS, Berlin (Link)

“Women of the World”, curated by Jess Conatser and Cansu Peker of Studio as We Are (Link), NowHere Gallery, NY (Link) + Decentraland Indie Village (Link)

“Wild Ideas and Radical Actions”, mowna, online museum (Link)

“Artist Who Code: Generative NFTs by Women and Non-Binary Artists”, curated by Mieke Marple and Vellum LA, Artsy & Vellum LA, CA (Link)