Door to Door 8.9. – 24.9. 2022

Rotation will be part of Door to Door by Art Aviso at LITE-HAUS, Berlin.

Women of the World 23.6. – 25.6. 2022

Armor five will be part of the Woman of the World showcase at NowHere Gallery, New York and in the metaverse at Decentraland’s Indie village. (NFTs available on OpenSea.)

Wild Ideas and Radical Actions 1.5. – 21.9. 2022

The armor series will be part of Wild Ideas and Radical Actions at mowna. (NFTs available on OpenSea.)

Imagine a museum without a building: mowna

Imagine a currency without a country: crypto

Imagine a machine curating a show: AI curation

“What Wild Ideas and Radical Actions do you hold for this moment? For the future? For the world?” – mowna

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna) is thrilled to announce the Wild Ideas and Radical Actions exhibition, opening May 1st, 2022 and running through September 21, 2022.

Wild Ideas and Radical Actions offers art that addresses current issues that humanity is grappling with and a chance to invest in individual artists and the online digital museum platform as a way to change the art world for the better.

ARTISTS WHO CODE 22.3. – 5.4. 2022

Embroidery and Lace of The Cloth Series will be part of Artists Who Code: A group exhibition and online art auction featuring NFTs by women and non-binary artists.

Curated by Mieke Marple and Sinziana Velicescu, Artists Who Code explores the use of generative art techniques from AI to algorithms as empowering tools honed by artists to forge a path for new languages in the realm of digital art and beyond.

As a response to the public perception of the NFT world as a male-dominated space, the exhibition foregrounds the central role and major impact women and nonbinary creators have in digital art and technology.


“Women and Nonbinary Artists Are Breaking New Ground through Generative Art NFTs'” Josie Thaddeus-Johns for Artsy

“How female (and non-binary) artists are navigating the NFT space”, fortune.com